Digital Solutions for Small Business

CDImage is a company committed to bringing computer-based
solutions to small and medium-sized businesses, organizations
and law firms.  Over the last 14 years, we have developed a
team of experts from disciplines important to you, including
computer software, programming, branding, web site
development, graphics design, business management and
litigation support. With each client, we assess each clients goals
and needs and apply the specialties needed.

We provide only as much expertise as you need and want. For many
companies that means improving their web presence. For some we have
designed and developed their web site and then trained their staff
to manage it, providing support as needed. For others, we serve as their
web site department, managing content and providing recommendations based
upon analysis of web site performance and traffic. Still others need specialized
services such as litigation support, courtroom exhibits and illustrations, custom
programming, and analysis of complex data.